Campaign Info

Below you will find information on the players and player characters for each campaign currently being produced on the podcast.

Family D&D – Season III

This group has played together for over 3 years. Having danced through both Barovia and Chult in previous campaigns, currently the party is winding its way through a home brew module working to understand why local children are being kidnaped and killed. Odd happenings for an odd situation…. listen in and see if you can help the party solve the mystery.

Shaundry (half-elf rogue) – played by Cedar

Innish (elvish ranger) – played by Robert

Katie (human bard) – played by Bridgett

Noris (furbolg sorcerer) – played by Matt

Zanifer (half-elf ranger) – played by Phillip

Jay (dragonborn barbarian) – played by James

One-shot wednesday crew

This group is composed of students from my school’s tabletop game club. The club is in its second year of existence and students range in age from 14-18 years old. The current one-shot party includes:

NAME (coming soon) – played by Parker

NAME (coming soon) – played by Redden

NAME (coming soon) – played by Carter

NAME (coming soon) – played by Jessica

NAME (coming soon) – played by Raven

dungeon in A Box playthrough

As a faithful patron to the Dungeon in a Box monthly crate subscription service, I enjoy helping my three boys learn to play D&D through the stories included in each monthly box. This segment includes those monthly stories and adventures provided via subscription service and are a fun and interesting listening experience, even for the most veteran player.

Grimpow (half-elf rogue) – played by Michael

Beef (goliath fighter) – played by Christopher

Felix (dragonborn fighter) – played by Joseph [occasional appearance]

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